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How To Build The Perfect Home Gym

Posted by Team Eyre Square on 08/02/2018
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Working out doesn’t have to be so much work. Ditching the gym membership for a home gym pays off in privacy, freedom, convenience, time efficiency, and cost! Here are 5 simple steps for building the perfect home gym.

1. Make Some Space

Determine which workouts are right for you and find a space that fits your needs. Will you be pumping iron, doing jumping jacks, or stretching it out? A spare bedroom, garage, or even an unused corner of the living room could work.

2. Consider Ambiance

Make your home gym feel like home! Add plants to detoxify the air. Hang a mirror to make any area appear larger. Set up speakers for pump-up music and a TV or laptop for workout videos.

4. Rack Up Equipment

Decide which equipment you’ll need based on your personal fitness goals. Weight machines, treadmills, and punching bags are always great options but larger equipment isn’t a must. Free weights, exercise mats and jump ropes are versatile, smaller and less expensive.

3. Organise

Find a way to efficiently store speakers, DVDs, and equipment when not in use. Shelves, drawers, and hooks can help you stay organised without sacrificing style.

5. Use it!

Be diligent about using your home gym. Perfecting the space is only half the work so be sure to put it to good use!

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