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How’s the Market? November 2017

Posted by Martin Healy on 22/11/2017
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On this months “How’s the Market” I wish to take a different approach to the usual topic of rising rents and house prices.

I wish to look at the knock on effect this is having on the margins of our society. To the people who struggle daily for one reason or another to find a roof over their heads.

Currently there are 8,374 people homeless in Ireland, roughly the population of Tuam. This figure doesn’t include people who have to live at home or people who are couch surfing with friends and families. Of the 8,374 people homeless 46.5% of these are under the age of 24.

In January of this year the Connacht Tribune ran a headline in their paper that homelessness in Galway was the worst in Ireland.

There has been lots of debate in the last two weeks about how or the homelessness problem in Ireland is below the international average. Whether it is or not is a mute point, it is still far too high and must be addressed.

In the meantime, until the problem is dealt with by Government, people like COPE here in Galway must man the barricades and look after those people who find themselves homeless for whatever reason.

I for my part, am joining the sleep-out on December 1st 2017 in the hope of raising some funds to help COPE help the homeless. It’s a very small and insignificant thing for me to do, but hopefully it will ease the pressure on COPE’S resources a little.

I would really appreciate any contribution you can make to this very worthy cause by following the link below.


Thanking you in advance.

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